Henry V & the Winter’s Tale by Propeller, Britain

4 - 17 June 2012

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NCPA (Beijing), Lyceum Theatre (Shanghai)

Propeller is an all-male Shakespeare company which seeks to find a more engaging way of expressing Shakespeare and to more completely explore the relationship between text and performance. Mixing a rigorous approach to the text with a modern physical aesthetic, they have been influenced by mask work, animation and classic and modern film and music from all ages. Productions are directed by Edward Hall, designed by Michael Pavelka with Lighting designed by Ben Ormerod.


Nationalism at its most dangerous and exciting, ‘Henry V’ tells the tale of the greatest British warrior in English folklore. In a time when increasing numbers of British servicemen and women are seeing active service, Propeller brings its own unique take on one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. Dangerous, thrilling and deeply moving, ‘Henry V’ marks the beginning of a journey that takes us from the corridors of Westminster to the fields of France in an evening of unforgettable power.


A tragic fairy story, mysterious and extraordinary. Propeller returns to the story of a man consumed by an inexplicable jealousy that destroys his family, his kingdom and himself. Wracked by guilt, Leontes sets off a chain reaction of events leading to a miraculous ending and the chance for redemption. The greatest playwright writing at the height of his powers. True poetry in motion…