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Love Song by Danish Dance Theatre

November 2013

In his critically acclaimed “Love Songs”, Tim Rushton has created an intimate portrait of love in a jazzy universe. In a performance consisting of many different aspects, they all came together perfectly at the premiere on the Royal Theatre’s Old Stage in May 2011. Each performance was not only sold out, but the critics were virtually unanimous in their enthusiasm.


Danish Dance Theatre and Caroline Henderson invite the audience in to an experience which is neither a dance performance nor a jazz concert, but a successful mix of the two. Tim Rushton says:

“The whole idea with Love Songs was to create something which was straightforward and that played around with conventions, but at the same time being choreographically demanding and challenging – both for the dancers and myself as a choreographer. Jazz in itself is a powerful statement, and I’ve discovered that it gives something new and theatrical to my choreography.”

Love Songs both describes and plays around with the idea of love. Tim Rushton has created a modern dance performance that is both warm and intimate, relating to the individuals lifelong journey to find love, as the scene moves from dingy realism right to the edge of kitsch, night club cruising.

The music is composed of cherished jazz classics from the good old days. Originally sung by Ella, Louis, Billie and Sarah, and now reinterpreted by Denmark’s great jazz artist Caroline Henderson.

Come and enjoy an evening dedicated to love – a celebration of life