Bahok by Akram Khan Company, Britain

9 - 16 May 2010

Meilanfang Theatre (Beijing), Peking University Hall  

Bahok, named after the Bengali word meaning ‘carrier’, explores the ways in which the body carries national identity and a sense of belonging. Khan’s dancers come from diverse cultures, traditions and dance backgrounds – Chinese, Korean, Indian, South African and Spanish – and this rich mix of both spoken and dance language pushes the boundaries of movement vocabulary. 

Khan once again joins forces with long-time collaborator and multi award-winning composer Nitin Sawhney, who has created an original score for bahok. Performed by Khan's own kathak-contemporary company plus classically-trained dancers, Bahok is “both a fine advertisement for contemporary dance – and for the expansive qualities of multiculturalism” (THE DAILY TELEGRAPH)


Internationally acclaimed choreographer AKRAM KHAN is celebrated for the vitality and innovation he brings to cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary expression. A master of kathak (classical Indian dance) and an award-winning choreographer of contemporary dance, Khan is continuously breaking boundaries between tradition and innovation, East and West.