William Shakespeare’s

Touring Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xian
and Shenzhen

TNT is reviving their highly acclaimed version of Shakespeare's darkest and most exciting tragedy. The production has toured to over twenty countries on three continents, in venues as diverse as a ruined plantation house in Atlanta to Windsor Castle, from major theatres in Tokyo and Berlin to palaces in Verona and Stockholm. Over two thousand people attended performances in Kuwait. 

This is a full blooded production that is not afraid to unleash the power of Shakespeare's dark masterpiece. The witches are identified as the source of the dramatic energy of the play. They are shamans, wild forest spirits and they are neither man nor woman. They inhabit the entire world of the play. Macbeth himself is a warrior, a man of courage who's bravery is corrupted by unthinking ambition. His wife is also a type of witch; this is a Lady Macbeth who calls down the spirits to “unsex her here” but is possessed and destroyed the demons she thought to command. In contrast the porter scene is a comic and acrobatic dance that is (unusually) genuinely funny. The set by noted designers Kurn and Gross is an extraordinary luminous series of walls that become trees. These move around the stage on wheels creating striking visual imagery. This is also music theatre with a fully composed and integrated score by Paul Flush that mixes electronic and human sound.

MACBETH was director Paul Stebbing’s first major Shakespeare production. Its success generated a cycle of productions by TNT of England’s greatest playwright that have met with international acclaim and several awards. From Oxford to Oslo TNT's vibrant and dynamic approach to Shakespeare has generated enthusiasm from audiences and critics alike.