UNLIMITED by Candoco Dance, Britain

13 - 23 April 2012


NCPA (Beijing), Oriental Performing Art Centre (Shanghai)
Candoco Dance Company is the contemporary dance company of disabled and non-disabled dancers, which was founded in 1991 by Celeste Dandeker and Adam Benjamin. The company developed from workshops led by Celeste and Adam at the Aspire centre, and grew quickly into the first company of its kind in the UK – a professional dance company focused on the integration of disabled and non-disabled dancers.
UNLIMITED consists of two pieces of PARALLEL LINES and SET AND RESET

‘Parallel Lines’ is a stylish work that explores similarities and differences between people and cultures. The movement material reflects Marc’s curiosity about physical limitations as a source for creating dance, a result of him dancing using a wheelchair. The music is by Michael Galasso, and it drives the piece forward creating an experience of epic proportions.

‘Set and Reset/Reset’ is a restaging project of Trisha Brown’s landmark piece from 1983, created in collaboration with her company. This is the first time that disabled dancers perform a work created originally for an exclusively non-disabled cast. The piece is full of playful and intricate moments while elegant and sensual. It was created after a series of improvisations where dancers were asked to ‘act on instinct’ while performing fragments of a detailed movement sequence, created for the original work. So the process of making is important for the final piece, maintaining a sense of freedom and spontaneity within a tight and precise frame.