ART OF DYING by Paolo Nani and Kristján Ingimarsson (Denmark) 

3 - 4 June 2008, Peking University Hall

NRZ Prize in Moers Comedy Festival (DE)
Nominated for Reumart Danish Theatre Awards

In 70 minutes of wordless hilarity, and tenderness, The Art of Dying explores the big taboo issue we all have to face but want to ignore. Paolo Nani and Kristjan Ingimarsson are two clowns, a long-standing double act at the peak of their career. Suddenly one of them learns he is dying. How does a clown die? Are there any instructions? How to die politely, without making a mess? And does it really have to be in the middle of a successful tour? With nothing to lose, it's time to enjoy the 'now' as never before. But in the fantastic mystery of Life Before Death, nothing is quite straightforward... 

Italian born Paolo Nani scored a hit at London Mime Festival festival with his previous show, The Letter, winner of the 1992 European Comedy Award and performed more than 700 times all over Europe.