International Ambassadors of Music, Phoenix City, US

26 February - 25 March 1994

Cities/venues toured:
Beijing, Concert Hall
Shanghai, Art Theatre
Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, Jingcheng Art Palace
Shenzhen of Guangdong Province, China Art Centre

International Ambassadors of Music
Jeanie Miller
Founder of International Ambassadors of Music

Gregory Lawrence Jefferson

Benjamin Richard Noyes

Emily Hsieh

Corinne Chapelle

Chinese symphonies accompanying:
China National Symphony Orchestra
Shanghai Symphony Orchestra
Sichuan Symphony Orchestra
Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra

Chinese musicians performing with International Ambassadors
Tan Lihua
The famous Chinese conductor

Zhou Guangren,
The famous Chinese pianist, professor of China Conservatoire of Music

Chinese young musicians, who toured US in early 1994, performing with International Ambassadors

Li Chenyin

Ma Xianhua
Erhu (Chinese violin) player

Ma Wen

Lu Wei

International Ambassadors of Music with the collaboration of
China National Symphony Orchestra

  1. D major Flute Concerto – W. A. Mozart
  2. Cello Concerto No.1 Op.107 – D. Shostakovich
  3. Violin Concerto Op.14 – S. Bach


International Ambassadors of Music & Chinese Young Musicians
Joint Concert Programme

  1. Cello solo: Divertimento – Hayden
  2. Violin solo: Carmen Fantasy – Wax
  3. Flute solo: Suite for flute and jazz piano, 2nd movement “Sentimental” – Bolling

Bumble fee – Rimsky Korsakov

  1. Piano solo: Spanish rhapsody
  2. Cello solo: Madrigal – Sha Hankun

 Requiebros - Cassado

  1. Erhu solo: Birds singing in the empty mountains – Liu Tianhua

 Czardas - Monti

  1. Violin solo: Melody – Tchaikovsky

 Salut d’Amour – Elgar

  Nigun - Bloch