Ghost by Norwegian National Theatre

3 - 12 November 1995

Capital Theatre, Beijing - the visiting Norwegian Prime Minister attended premiere
Majesty Theatre, Shanghai

RepertoireGhosts, three - act domestic drama by Henrik Ibsen

With a vital role in Norwegian culture and leading position in the field of theatre, the Norwegian National Theatre celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 1999. The Theatre has 218 employees including 52 artists. The number of theatre productions each year exceeds thirty, and the number of performances is around 700.

The Norwegian National Theatre has always had an especially close relationship the dramatist Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), whose works have meant so much to the theatre and its artistic development.

At the time of the theatre’s opening in 1899, and in the following years, Ibsen could be seen on his daily walk through the streets of the capital, taking his aperitif at the Grand Café, or chatting to friends and acquaintances. After his many years abroad, he was well and truly established again in his native country.

He had achieved gigantic stature in international theatre life: everything he wrote was performed all over the world. This was a time when no other country could rival Norway as an exporter of serious contemporary drama. The centre of modern drama was undoubtedly the capital of Norway, at that time was called Christiania, now Oslo.

If including his earliest experiments, Ibsen wrote 25 plays, ranging from historical plays like “The pretenders” and “Lady Inger of Ostraat” to poetic works like “Peer Gynt” and “Brand”, and contemporary social drama like “A Doll’s House” and “John Gabriel Borkman”.