Rambert Dance Company, Britain

19 - 27 January 2004, Tianqiao Theatre, Beijing (Rambert Ballet and Marie Rambert performed here in 1956)

10 -17 November 2003, Shanghai Art Theatre

Repertoire21, Visions Fugitive, Living Toys, PreSentient

Rambert Dance Company is the oldest dance company in Britain, having been established in 1926. It is also Britain’s flagship contemporary dance company, employing a larger group of artists than any other contemporary dance company in the UK.

The Company is committed to presenting the broadest possible range of contemporary repertoire, programming established works from choreographers of international status alongside the new and challenging. This offers audiences quality and innovation in equal measure. Emphasis is also placed on the development of British-based choreographers, particularly from within Rambert’s own ranks.


A work in 3 sections, each lasting 7 minutes. The work opens with a trio of females who perform an intricate routine that incorporates daring lifts and skilful manoeuvres. At the beginning of the 2nd section, the dancers appear to interact with Kylie’s songs. The final section uses all 14 dancers and becomes much faster in pace. There are moments when the dancers move in unison, which creates a very powerful atmosphere.

Visions Fugitive 

The structure of the work includes a number of male/female duets and sections that include all 6 dancers. The mood of the work is dictated by the mood created in the score and is very interpretative of the music. The pace of the music is also reflected in the choreography.

Living Toys 

Karole Armitage’s first creation for Rambert, Living Toys transports us into that precarious and surreal state where dreams and consciousness merge. Inspired by Thomas Adès’s dark and somewhat sinister score, this large-scale dance work promises to be a sensual and physically virtuosic spectacle. The ballet will be further enhanced by the live performance of the score by Rambert’s Associate Orchestra, London Musici.


An assault on the senses. This is modern dance at its most thrilling and daring. A blast of sheer physicality that leaves you wanting more. 12 dancers, performing in unison or in quartets, dissolve into seductive and sensual duets, all the while, mirroring the tempo of the music. This is a technically demanding work that the dancers rise to admirably.