Random Dance Company

8 - 14 Nov 2004, Tianqiao Theatre, Beijing, the 1st UK Performing Arts Festival

RepertoireAtaXia, Polar Sequences

Random Dance, Resident Company of Sadler’s Wells of London, is an internationally renowned contemporary dance company whose work focuses on the exploration of dance and technology. Over past years Random has collaborated with cutting edge, multidisciplinary artists on the creation of award-winning technology based works. This distinctive programme has led to the explosion of Random as one of Britain’s leading dance companies, and has placed the company at the forefront of the interface between dance and new technology. Random’s extensive education programme is committed to developing work that explores the creative potential in the fusion of dance, the internet and digital technology.

Since Random was formed in 1992 by Artistic Director Wayne McGregor, the company has catapulted to international recognition with its distinctive company trademarks of highly original work, futuristic aesthetics and remarkable dancers. Nemesis (2002) explored the relationship between body, screen and machine, and followed the trilogy of groundbreaking works: The Millennarium (1997), Sulphur 16 (1998) and Aeon (2000). Each of these works demonstrated an articulate dialogue between a rich choreographic language and a new performative relationship to a range of innovative media: animation, digital film, 3d architecture, electronic sound and virtual dancers.

Random Dance represents young British culture at its most vibrant and tours to theatres and opera houses of Colombia, Germany, France, Austria, Russia, Hungary, Israel, Cyprus, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Malaysia, Czechoslovakia, Portugal, Sweden, Japan, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hong Kong and the USA. In 2002 Random became the first British dance company to tour to Central Asia and the Caucuses.


Directed by multi-award winning choreographer Wayne McGregor, AtaXia redraws the traditional hierarchies of dance to generate a fresh and radical look at human physicality. With Random’s usually sophisticated ability to co-ordinate muscular movement surprisingly and intimately interfered with AtaXia explores a dislocating loss of control. Drawing on a new team of expertly attuned associates from the diverse worlds of neuroscience, composition, psychology, design, and computer programming AtaXia challenges the very fabric of collaboration. It’s a creative friction that confounds expectation.

Polar Sequences 

Polar Sequences presents three pieces by three decidedly different world-ranking contemporary choreographers – Rui Horta, Shobana Jeyasingh and Wayne McGregor.