Scottish Dance Theatre

30 Oct - 8 Nov 2009
Mei Lanfang Theatre (Beijing), Oriental Art Centre (Shanghai) 

Repertoire: Dog, Tenderhook, In the Middle of the Moment

Scottish Dance Theatre is one of the UK's leading dance theatre companies, also part of Dundee Rep Theatre's creative community. SDT is a company on the move, constantly stretching the skills and talents of ten powerful and committed dancers under the guidance of Artistic Director Janet Smith and touring regularly throughout the UK and internationally.

SDT creates and tours its own special blend of dance theatre - created by AD Janet Smith, as well as internationally celebrated and emerging choreographers. The company is highly regarded for its exciting, original and accessible dance pieces. SDT has always had its roots in Dundee (having been based at the Rep since its inception as a community dance company in 1986) and premieres all new work at home at the Rep.

DOG: created specially for SDT by rising star, Hofesh Shechter, is urban and tribal, honest, raw and sophisticated.

TENDERHOOK: Liv Lorent’s tenderhook is an epic search for ‘perfect love’, bound up in passion, joy, freedom, constraint and compromise, with wonderful music by award-winning Italian film

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOMENT: A gorgeous duet about the physical restraints of a relationship, performed within a 3 metre square of light to hauntingly atmospheric classical music by Arvo Prt and Gyrgy Kurtág.