TNT THEATRE presents
William Shakespeare’s

Touring Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Changsha    

This is one of Shakespeare’s most famous and popular comedies. The story follows the fortunes of the beastly Petruchio as he attempts to tame the wild beauty of Kate and claim not just her hand in marriage but a slice of her foolish father’s gold. Meanwhile Kate’s young sister is chased by a string of would–be husbands who will resort to any trick, or adopt any disguise, to claim their pretty prize.

TNT’s production is fast moving, musical and very funny. Commedia dell’arte, Elithabethan music and visual imagery inspired by Renaissance Italian art combine with knock about comedy and a ferocious battle of the sexes to create a truly memorable performance. As in Shakespeare’s own day, live music will accompany the production, arranged by noted Scottish composer John Kenny. A five part sung score will be complimented by harpsichord, clarinet and percussion.